Grand Finale Global Startup Competition : Fintech

Startup Capital Funding

Our Services


We fund high-impact ideas of entrepreneurs and transform them into concrete realities. From government grants and angel investors to venture capitalists – we ensure the funding sources that fit the financial needs of startups are acquired.

Global Outreach Resources

We bring global brands and startups together to explore strategic collaborations, partnerships, investments and acquisitions. We help bridge the distance between potential investors and initiate the collision and fusion of ideas for business success.


We provide and encompass a wide variety of infrastructure support including advice, finance, access to research and specialists that support collective solutions. We understand the critical role infrastructure plays on the road to successful, innovative entrepreneurship.

Ideas to Impact

We nurture and scale early stage high quality innovative startups to build resilient enterprises that create sustainable growth, new jobs, strengthen the economy and revitalize communities. We create the optimal ecosystem to foster innovative ideas so that they flourish into successful ventures.

Legal & IPR support

We equip startups with the tools, insight, and guidance they require to navigate through challenging and complex legalities. With an abundance of questions relating to intellectual property rights, patent law, incorporation and equity distribution, innovators possess limited resources in seeking clarity. We provide an anchor to startups in navigating these legalities for smooth flow of processing and procedures.


We have a pool of experienced mentors from a wide range of sectors who offer their expert insights and learning to guide promising entrepreneurs on their journey from a local startup to a profitable global business.

Operational Excellence

We provide enhanced operational effectiveness for startups to keep running at their optimum economic potential. Our service thus ensures entrepreneurs process simulation, quality performance and profitability.

Go To Market Strategy

We create a roadmap for startups to create the right buzz to the right audience. Startup Marketing is a science unlike the traditional norms of marketing. We ensure a domino effect of sustainable revenue stream.

Create Substantial Social Impact

We identify and support transformational entrepreneurs who build companies designed to have a social impact while being in a sustainable revenue model. This enterprising win-win approach from B2B and B2C is a significant element in our startup ecosystem.