Grand Finale Global Startup Competition : Fintech

About EDGE196

EDGE196™’s vision and mission, is to inculcate the status of empowering startups from around the globe. Our process leads to a global outreach including Global News, Global Startup Challenges, Global Summits, Startup Stories and The EDGE Entreprenuer series all across 196 countries.

For Startups to follow their motto and passion, EDGE196™ provides a unique platform called “Global Startup Challenge”. It is a global competition, led by creative minds bringing them to the centre of the Global Startup Ecosystem.

EDGE196™ an international platform, aims to achieve its mission through a forum where intellect and technology meets, to create a cohesive environment for startups to become successful businesses and lead them to become Unicorns.

EDGE196 Focus

Startup Challenges
Global News
Global Summits
Startup Stories

Ecosystem DNA

EDGE196™is focused on creating a value based economy by mentoring, supporting and guiding businesses that create most value. Such businesses have a different need and urge to grow faster compared to most startup businesses.

EDGE196™ is currently focused on the below ecosystem sectors with the objective to create a portfolio of startups that can become true global businesses in a short span. We identify businesses on the basis of their Technology, Business Model, Tech Usability, Emotional Innovation, Communication, Core Team, Core Objectives and Communication with the overall environment.

Real Estate & Infra-tech
Health / Bio-tech
Agri / Food-tech
Social Impact / Edu-Tech