Grand Finale Global Startup Competition : Fintech

About Us

NRI Startup India is a sincere initiative of Global professionals to tract the India's economy in a positive direction by providing support to Startup companies to implement their ideas and become a global impact. The innovation ecosystem in India has a plethora of avenues to generate a sustainable model and we aim to nurture the ideas to harness in a new frontier in the world market. More...

Our Focus Areas

Startup ecosystem

NRI Startup India commits to collaborate with several stakeholders of the startup ecosystem - incubators, accelerators, organizations, government institutions, to foster innovation across India & take them global.

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Smart Cities

NRI Startup India serves as a catalyst to highly impactful startups which will redefine the fintech arena and strengthen India’s position in the global fintech landscape through its well established global partnerships.

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NRI Startup India is a vibrant community of people working together to imprint India’s potential in the global market.

Our Areas

Capital / Funding

We invest in early-stage companies that have the potential to be global leaders and contribute towards the economic prosperity of India.

Global Connections

Our strength is in our network. We have a very strong global network which includes investors, successful entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, and potential customers to take local startups global and bring global startups to India.


We take a planned approach and examine the foundational aspects of the startup ecosystem and actions required to support its vibrancy and sustainability. Actions related to funding, collaboration and communications are set forth.

Ideas to Impact

Effective coaching, matchmaking and project management services are key approaches we follow to nurture innovative ideas into a sustainable reality.

Legal and IPR Support

We assist entrepreneurs to overcome legal hurdles, intellectual property rights issues, and navigate the risks involved in starting a business.


We have highly experienced mentors from across the globe who work with entrepreneurs in making those crucial early stage decisions.

Operational Excellence

We provide an excellent operational management system to support early-stage companies and streamline their operations.

Go To Market Strategy

We provide bespoke blueprints for our innovators to deliver their service to the right clients and gain competitive advantage.

Create Substantial Social Impacts

We endeavour on many levels to help innovators carve out a unique role in driving positive social and environmental uplift related to poverty, education, health etc. while simultaneously generating substantial financial return.

Our Partners

NRI Startup India is formed by a team of NRIs who are successful and professional entrepreneurs based at various geographical locations across the globe. These individuals have come together to frame a winning strategy for entrepreneurship and innovation that mobilizes and spearheads to the forefront India’s foremost talents and creative geniuses. More...

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